Transfer your TLD domain (.com .net .org)

Transfer your TDL domain (.com .net .org)

com, .net, .org and .info domain names are referred to as gTDLs (Generic top-level domains). To transfer a gTDL to another registrar (the company who registers your domain name ever year on your behalf), you will have to do the following steps. These steps are the same no matter which company you are with and which company you are moving to. Only when you are at step 5 are you ready to order a domain transfer. If you skip any of the below steps your transfer will fail.

Step 1 : Unlock your domain

Many registrars lock a domain name so it can not be transferred. This can provide security benefits and stop anyone trying to steal your domain name but will cause a domain transfer to fail.

To unlock your domain name, you will need to contact your current registrar and ask them to unlock it for you. Often you can do this yourself via your registrar's control panel.

Step 2 : Check the domain's administrative contact e-mail address

When you purchased your domain name, your registrar should have registered your domain under your details. That said, we often see companies putting themselves down as the administrative contact for the domain with invalid or non-checked e-mail addresses.

When you order a domain transfer, an e-mail is sent to the administrative contact asking them to approve the transfer. For this reason, you will want to receive this e-mail (not your registrar) so you can approve the transfer.

You can check to see if you are registered as the administrative contact by doing a WHOIS look up at

Ask your current registrar to update the domain's administrative contact e-mail address to one you can check.

Step 3 : Get your domain transfer authorisation code

When you get the e-mail mentioned above, it will ask you to approve the transfer and enter your authorisation code (or auth code). This stops other people trying to steal your domain name as only you should have this code. If you do not know this code, contact your current registrar. The code will be case sensitive so make sure you write it down correctly. If you enter the code incorrectly when asked, your transfer will fail.

Step 4 : Remove any domain privacy (recommended)

Domain privacy can interfere with a domain transfer and cause it to fail. Often it will result in the domain authorisation e-mail not being sent to the administrative contact. We recommenced this is removed or disabled before the transfer. Your current registrar will be able to help with this.

Step 5 : Order the domain transfer

Now that your domain is ready to transfer, you can visit WebZerHosting and enter your domain name in the search box. Once the order is made, you will get the domain transfer e-mail sent to your administrative contact address. Follow the steps in the e-mail to start the transfer.

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