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Here at WebZer we have been in the IT industry for over 20 years now. .

With our expertise and experience, we are sure we can bring you a professional and reliable approach.

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    Sept, 2015
    The launch of PCModders

    The launch of PCModders

    Having several years of success in the retail world, we decided to downgrade to a smaller company as our main focus started to grow to IT services, web design & web hosting. We just wanted to do what we are good in and that is supplying services to other companies while still maintaining a small retail site. Lets face it, who does not wake up in the morning and want to work all day on projects you actual love to do. We realized that :)

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    Feb, 2016
    WebZer was born

    Finishing the setup of PCModders our retail site, it was time to make our dreams come trough and WebZer launched. Delivering IT Services, web design & web hosting to SMB.

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    Jul, 2016
    WebZerHosting launched

    After months of hard work, we like to announce that the first part of WebZer is open for business. WebZerHosting was created with the same mind set as we ran our other companies over the years and that is to give the best service possible in the industry. Please have look at webzerhosting.co.uk

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    Dec, 2016
    WebZer new website launched

    We have been working hard to realize our dreams and today we are proud to announce the final piece of the puzzle of our journey into IT Services, wen design and webhosting. We already delivered several project with success and we hope we can convince you also to do it the WebZer way! We are looking forward to work together :)

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The best people formula for fantastic websites. A perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry.

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We respond promptly to all support requests. All our staff are highly trained and experienced to help you with any issue you encounter.

Awesome Team

Our team has a wealth of diverse life and career experiences that allow us to think outside of the box and ahead of the curve.


To meet deadlines we are well organised and plan ahead. We understand that time is critical for developing your business!

Our Vision

Our vision is nothing less than realizing the full potential of the Internet — professional access to creativity and design, — to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity for SMB

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Our Customers Say

For many years we have worked together and it always have been a pleasure, thank you!
Open Domain Registry
The website looks great and many thanks once again. It's been a pleasure to work with you guys!
Penny Williams
Pen Y Banc
Thank you for helping with our creative vision, it's been a pleasure to work with you!
Damy Velders
Tronios B.V.
We could not have run our website without your amazing support, thank you for all the nightly hours!
Tim Buysse
Absolute Legends
Love the artwork, thank you for making my channel more professional!
Sebastian "ghazzy" Bodensjö
Always a pleasure to work with your guys, your creativity expected expectations!
Michael Wood